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Information for Student Workers: Guidelines for Student Workers

General Information

*You may bring homework or your laptop to the circulation desk but your primary responsibility is your library work.

*You may briefly speak with friends but any loud conversations or conversations lasting longer than a few minutes are considered excessive.

*No headphones at the circulation desk.

*No personal calls at work! In an emergency ask your supervisor if you can make a call in the lobby.

*Cell phones must be silenced.

*NEVER leave the circulation desk unattended.

*No food at the circulation desk (see "Attendance and Breaks").

*No one except employees are allowed behind the desk!

*When neither the Circulation Desk Supervisor or Evening Circulation Supervisor are at the desk, any other full-time library staff member has the authority to oversee student circulation workers.

*In the absence of a full -time library staff member, Student Circulation Managers have the authority to oversee regular student workers.

*Any student worker who does not respect the authority of a library full-time staff member or Student Circulation Manager will receive a written and verbal warning. Second instances will result in termination of employment.

Dress Code

The library dress code for student workers is casual with some exceptions:

  • Please do not wear your pajamas to work 
  • Do not wear excessively tight or short clothing
  • No not wear anything that exposes the midriff or underwear
  • No offensive or inappropriate language on clothing
  • No spaghetti straps or halter tops

Shelving Library Materials

All student workers must shelve a few DVD's/journals/books during each shift!!

The cart behind the circulation desk holds recently returned items. At the start of each shift, each student worker should take at least an armload of materials and re-shelve them.

Library Systems

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@ Centre College
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Danville, KY 40422
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Doing Your Job Well

  1. Learn the duties of your job and do them thoroughly.
  2. Develop initiative and a sense of integrity in your work.
  3. Build and maintain pleasant relationships with fellow workers and library patrons.
  4. Give advance notice to your supervisor if you must be absent or you find it necessary to terminate your job. Two weeks notice is customary.


A note on ABSENCES:

*Your work-study position is a real job. Please plan to integrate your work schedule with your classes and other campus activities.

*When you come in for a shift, enter the exact time you arrive. For example, if you are scheduled to work at 6:00pm but you do not arrive until 6:10pm, put down 6:10pm. Do not round numbers. Do not add or subtract any minutes.

*If you must be absent, it is your responsibility to find a sub. 

  • "Reply all" to the student staff e-mail list and request for someone to cover your shift.
  • OR arrange to switch shifts with another student worker and notify your supervisor of the change.

*If no prior coverage has been found, student workers should e-mail their colleagues at the very least, one hour in advance.

*If you have agreed to sub for someone, you will be responsible for the shift you have agreed to work.

*If you arrive late, you will only be paid for the time you work.

*If you cannot find a sub through e-mail or word of mouth, you must come in to work anyway! If you do not work, it will be considered an absence.

Attendance and Breaks

Some things to remember:

*Be on time

*When you accept a position at the library, you are committing to work until the end of the semester - failure to work through the end of exam week jeopardizes your employment for the next term.

*If you work for more than 4 hours you get a meal break - there is no food allowed at the circulation desk.

*Student workers who close are paid until 12:15am even though the library closes at midnight. You are expected to stay until everyone has left the building and you are cleared to leave by a supervisor.




Rewards Program

During each full month of the academic year - September, October, November, January, February, March and April - the library rewards good attendance by conducting a drawing for two $10.00 gift cards.

  • Students who arrive on time for work every day and have zero absences for the month will be entered into the drawing two times

  • Students who arrive on time for work but have one absence covered by a substitute during the month will be entered into the drawing one time

  • For every three times a student subs for another worker during the month he or she will be entered in the drawing an additional time!!

Disciplinary Procedures for Absences

  1. Your first absence will result in a verbal (e-mail) reminder.
  2. Your second absence will result in a Federal Work Study warning.
  3. Third absences will result in termination of employment.